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Goat Meat

Since we raise goats for meat, we are often asked why? The answer is simple: They have amazing flavor and are one of the healthiest meats available. Hard to argue with delicious and healthy...


Goat meat is low in fat, cholesterol, calories and saturated fat. In fact, goat meat is over 50 percent lower in fat than our American beef and is about 40 percent lower in saturated fat than chicken - even chicken cooked with the skin off! The following meat comparison (per 3 oz. roasted meat) table is from the USDA:


Cooking goat can be more of a challenge due to its low fat content. Cook goat meat slowly and at low temperatures to prevent it from drying it out which makes it tough. The best ways to cook goat are roasting or braising. Roasting can be done in the oven, in a smoker, or on the grill. Braising involves cooking it with added liquid such as water, wine or milk. Marinating will help retain moisture and tenderness as well. 

Goat Recipes
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